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Trust won’t save you if a plastic bag comes rolling by.

if you aren’t an equestrian this would be so fucking confusing 

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Escolar- Estobar NRW x Farah Dina L 
Can we talk about this horse
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Guess who’s going in the walk/trot next Sunday at a show???
This cutie patootie ❤️
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Okay Twitter👏
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Lucy has a window in her stable!
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Do you ever just sit on a horse and you feel like yes this is where the universe wants me to be this is where I belong

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today - 

  • parental are convinced I have Lymes Disease - wouldn’t be shocked if I do speaking I have every single symptom besides I haven’t found the tick bite… soo idk. 
  • I want to go to college suddenly but idk what I want to do - I just want to make a ton of money doing it
  •  I like riding western more then I like riding dressage 95% of the time - just trying to decide if it’s because western is easier or?
  • Sassy did a roll back today that made me extremely proud speaking I was riding her in a halter and lead rope in the pasture
  • Blush now comes galloping to the gate when I call her - every single freaking time, while screaming her head off
  • I jumped on a horse I didn’t know, have never seen being ridden, anything - and then took it on a trail ride, after it sat and bucked in the arena a bunch, a galloping trail ride… not my smartest move, but I VERY rarely ever get bucked off so I wasn’t worried, but still am I trying to die? 
  • and then I rode an appy who was adorable and I loved him 
  • New trainer called on my ride home to discuss what I want to accomplish in my riding, and she was videos and was optimistic that I can improve, and was happy to hear that I don’t want to buy a push button horse and show 2nd level - but I want to buy a green horse, and train it to 2nd level - or whatever. But she also thinks keeping Blush is a dumb idea - but she said most people move on from their first horse and leave them behind, and that it shows I’m a “put the horse first” kind of owner because i still have her regardless of her being a lame hot mess right now… but anyways she tore apart my riding and said we are going to rebuild me as a rider or something… the joys of driving while on the phone
  • I just really miss Blush’s flawless canter departs from a dead stop, and her slide stops. It’s been so long, and yet I have another week to go before I get answers. but seriously I need to video how perfect they are when she is in shape, I’m rather proud of my little western reining style halter bred paint appendix
  • I deposited someones check into my bank account and it bounced, ive never had that happen to me before today
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