Ready to call this place home for the next 6+ months
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Balta’Czar has the cutest leg markings.
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Jock Paget & Clifton Promise.

I kind of love him

Watched yard talk with him the other day he’s such a cutie
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Day One of being a working student - 

  • almost died driving 2 hours there
  • blanketed/turned out horses
  • cleaned the arena
  • cleaned stalls
  • turned out more horses/turned in more horses
  • scrubbed water buckets
  • re-filled all the water buckets
  • went home

successful day cleaning - besides the fact that it took us forever because someone else didn’t show up

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Charlotte Dujardin & Valegro.
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Hickstead. An animal. A champion.

My favorite picture of him. So serene, so elegant, so powerful… The lines of his body all the way from his head to his tail are just so perfect in this picture…

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First day as a working student
Wish me luck because I’m freaking out!!

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