Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro at WEG

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Riders are like their horses, people think were all graceful, and magnificent. But really we say weird shit, and avoid eye contact with everyone, and talk to our horses. When were home we canter around the house, and do lead changes and act like were in a dressage test.

Don’t treat people like shit and wonder why they leave

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why horse things cost many dollars

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Sometimes I think that I think my horse is so great because she’s my horse
But lately I’ve been failing to appreciate how level headed she really is
I rode bareback yesterday with this woman who had a Spanish mustang and she literally couldn’t stop complimenting me on how quiet, easy, but well trained blush is, without being dead and lacking a forward button
It’s just so nice to hear sometimes, especially when you feel like you aren’t moving forward with any training progress, that maybe I am doing something right?!

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absolutely nothing wrong with a nice dapple grey