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red rover red rover

send an attractive, mentally, emotionally and financially stable man with a nice back and a lifted truck right over

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Know what makes you a good rider?


Practice. Repetition. Drive. Determination. 

You need to practice and repeat the same mundane things until they’re perfected and even after that, you have to keep practicing so you never forget. You need the drive to get up early, get to the barn, and the determination to get on your horse every day and ride as many horses every day as you can. 

Don’t have a horse? Work hard in your lessons and watch what happens. You never know who’s watching.

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after dealing with the crazy 3 year old today I finally made it to my barn by 10pm

I go out, call Blush, and she was waiting by the gate fo rme

I bring her in, groom her, go in the arena and jump on bareback in a halter with a lead rope, walk/trot/canter around lightly, worked on roll backs, etc. 

I realized my greatest fear in life is losing Blush, because I know there will never be a horse in my life that amounts to what she means to me. I’ll never meet a horse more in-tune to everything I’m doing, and she never fails to amaze me. 

I’m excited to bring her to Cornerstone tomorrow night so we can go trail riding Tuesday with all the employees. 

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so there’s this little palomino mare at my work that is owned by a 50ish year old lady who thinks she is going to break out this 3 year old to be a safe riding horse, etc. She got her as a 2 year old and has been training her herself. 

Well this horse hates having her ears touched, is bad about her feet, I watched her run over he owner, not pay attention, rear up while lunging, etc. 

Everyone has been complaining about this horse since she got there

So finally I got fed up and befriended the owner, and offered to work with her horse and teach her how to deal with the attitude of a 3 year old. She was trying to do this natural horsemanship crap which rarely works with green on green pairs. 

So I taught this horse to properly lead, to back up, to lunge, switch directions, got her in cross ties for the first time, hosed her down, etc. I laid down the truth on the owner and told her to stop making excuses, and start making changes. I helped the owner take control of her horse, and to be firm but not aggressive. And how taking her time and working on simple things like touching her ears every day, grooming in the wash stall, etc. will make big changes for this horse. 

The most shocking thing about the whole ordeal is that the lady actually liked how I worked with her horse, which most natural horsemanship people don’t because yes I will smack her with a whip if she doesn’t change directions when I ask, and if she rears her feet are going to get moved, and once again she will be smacked with a lunge whip. And then one of the other employees there had her 2 year old there and was like “you wanna work with her? please???” 

which I didn’t because the poor thing looks like a yearling, and its manners are already pretty decent, it’s a laid back little horse. 

Otherwise it feels good that I was able to semi-help this lady, but I feel like I really helped the horse. She was so much more relaxed and easy to work with at the end, and she is actually a smart little QH. 

and that’s my feel good story of the day

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Coupe de Coeur
「Calido I x Adele」
Holsteiner Stallion
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Your so lucky your parents are letting you move out of state I wish mine would pay for me to move

My parents aren’t letting me move to Kentucky, I’m just moving there. As an independent 21 year old, I don’t need their permission or money.
My animals are paid for by me and me only, that means all their vet bills, boarding, feed, farrier. Everything. That way my parents have no entitlement to any of my animals.
But honestly if you’re over 18 you’re fee to do whatever the hell you want

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Utopia’s dinosaur wraps!!
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I actually love paying for my own horse because my parents can never have the ability to hold her over my head

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